Mission: To start a movement by creating a ripple effect of positivity in social media. 

Vision: To use social media to spread love and hope for a more peaceful world by creating a better understanding, appreciation and respect of the diverse cultures that make up our beautiful planet.

​Overview: Lindsay Marissa will launch The Small World Project by traveling the world with help from the kindness of strangers while simultaneously learning from these individuals and sharing their stories through social media.

​The Small World Project can be broken down into three main objectives, and the first is to create a movement of positive and uplifting social media. The Internet started as a way to share knowledge and increase understanding. It brought people closer together but, over the past few years, it has increasingly been used to do just the opposite. With the growth of hate groups using the Internet in order to spread fear and negativity, it is time for an organization to rise with the purpose of using social media to spread hope. 

Lindsay Marissa created The Small World Project to do just this. The second objective of TSWP is to tell the unique and inspiring stories the people that Lindsay meets on her travels. She believes that these stories will verify what she believes to be a great truth...that despite our differences, we, the human race, are much more connected than most people realize. We all share the same basic wants and needs, and what we require to be happy is generally the same across the board. We need food and shelter...we need to feel a sense of purpose, and most importantly, we need love. We find these things in a multitude of ways, many of which vary greatly between cultures. However, at the core, these basic desires we as individuals share are precisely what connect us the most. 

​The third, and perhaps the most important objective of The Small World Project, is to show that anyone can make a difference. YOU, reading this right now, have the power to create change. It takes but a single raindrop in order to create a ripple effect. Flashing a smile at a stranger as you walk by may encourage them to smile at someone else, and then that someone to another person, and so on and so forth. In this case, The Small World Project encourages people to make a difference by showing kindness via social media. You don’t have to travel the world to find this kindness, as you probable already witness it in your day-to-day life. Maybe it is you doing something kind for another person, or maybe you see a complete stranger do something helpful. All TSWP asks you to do is share this experience. Post a photo to Instagram, a quote to Twitter, a video to YouTube or a story to your blog and hashtag #TSWP to show how you are taking a stand for spreading love and not hate via social media. 

Although, as previously stated, you do have the ability to make a difference right from your home, The Small World Project does encourage people to travel as much as possible. People tend to be most touched by the experiences they have first hand. Through traveling, people are given the opportunity to connect with the rest of the world on a much deeper level. This is why Lindsay will be going on her journey, and she will be sharing this journey with the hope of encouraging others to also take a step outside their comfort zones and explore the world around them. Anyone can find ways to travel, and Lindsay has done so by saving all of her trip money by working jobs most people have the ability to do, such as serving in restaurants, bartending and babysitting. These are jobs that generally don't pay a lot and don’t require a higher education. With this being said, Lindsay does hope to receive additional funding for The Small World Project through sources such as Kickstarter and Trevolta, but she will be keeping the public informed as to what she has saved on her own and what has been donated. ​

​Despite all the problems in our world today, human kindness is just as alive now as it has ever been. Because of technology, we have been given the opportunity to connect in ways we never thought possible. These connections should be used to allow people to have a greater understanding of the world around them, thus helping spread the acceptance of those different from us. Although we are still far from living in a truly safe and peaceful world, by taking back social media and spreading hope and love rather than the fear and hate that is being shown as of recent, The Small World Project can significantly help take a step in the right direction. 

​The question now...are you ready to join the movement? :)
The Small World Project: A Social Movement for Positive Change​