The Person Behind

The Project

Lindsay Marissa has been traveling all her life. She was blessed with a family who took her sister and her on many vacations, and that same wonderful family taught Lindsay the importance of accepting and seeking to understand people who are different from her. In grade school and high school, Lindsay surrounded herself with diverse groups of friends. She loved hearing the unique stories they had to tell and learning the qualities that made them special. Along the way, she made a few friends whose families were not loving and supportive. These friends spent more time at her home than their own, and Lindsay's parents became like second parents to them. Lindsay decided to get her Bachelors Degree online so she could pursue her dream of combining her two biggest passions: music and travel. She booked and managed the first music tour she ever went on for an independent band out of California. Because of the wonderful experiences she had on that tour, her love for travel only grew.

The Mission

To start a movement by creating a ripple effect of positivity in social media.
The stories told through The Small World Project will strive to show that, despite our differences, we, the human race, all share the same basic wants and needs. What we as humans require to be happy is generally the same across the board. We need food and shelter...we need to feel a sense of purpose, and most importantly, we need love and community. We find these things in a multitude of ways, many of which vary greatly between cultures. However, at the core, these basic desires that we as individuals have are precisely what connect us the most....

The Details

To use social media to spread love and hope for a more peaceful world by creating a better understanding, appreciation and respect of the diverse cultures that make up our beautiful planet.

The Vision