Trip Itinerary - 2015

February 1st - USA to Auckland, New Zealand

Ground travel from Auckland to Queenstown (stops in Wellington and Christchurch)

March 3rd - Queenstown to Melbourne, Australia 

Ground travel from Melbourne to Cairns (stops in Canberra, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville)

April 1st - Cairns to Tokyo, Japan

April 10th - Tokyo to Osaka, Japan (stops in Kobe and Kyoto)

April 19th - Osaka to Seoul, South Korea

April 28th - Seoul to Beijing, China

May 7th - Beijing to Shanghai, China

May 16th - Shanghai to Hong Kong

May 21st - Hong Kong to Macau

May 22nd - Macau to Taipei, Taiwan

May 27th - Taipei to Bali, Indonesia

June 5th - Bali to Jakarta, Indonesia

June 12th - Jakarta to Singapore

June 17th - Singapore to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

June 22nd - Kuala Lampur to Phuket, Thailand

June 27th - Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand

July 2nd - Bangkok to New Delhi, India

July 9th - New Delhi to Mumbai, India

July 16th - Mumbai to Goa, India

July 22nd - Goa to Bangalore, India

July 27th - Bangalore to Colombo, Sri Lanka

August 1st - Colombo to Maldives

August 10th - Maldives to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

August 19th - Dubai to Amman, Jordan

August 26th - Amman to Tel Aviv, Israel

September 3rd - Tel Aviv to Larnaca, Cyprus

September 10th - Larnaca to Cairo, Egypt

September 16th - Cairo to Nairobi, Kenya

September 17th to November 9th - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa

November 9th - arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa

November 12th to the 17th - round trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town, South Africa

November 19th - Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, Brazil

November 23rd - Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 28th to the 4th - round trip from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus, Brazil

December 6th - Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 13th - Buenos Aires to Lima, Peru

December 15th to the 18th - round trip from Lima to Cusco, Peru

December 23rd - Lima to USA