Lindsay Marissa has been traveling all her life. She was blessed with a family who took her sister 
and her on many vacations, and that same wonderful family taught Lindsay the importance of
accepting and seeking to understand people who are different from her. In grade school and
high school, Lindsay surrounded herself with diverse groups of friends. She loved hearing the
unique stories they had to tell and learning the qualities that made them special. Along the way,
she made a few friends whose families were not loving and supportive. These friends spent
more time at her home than their own, and Lindsay's parents became like second parents to
them. Lindsay decided to get her Bachelors Degree online so she could pursue her dream of
​combining her two biggest passions: music and travel. She booked and managed the first music
tour she ever went on for an independent band out of California. Because of the wonderful
​experiences she had on that tour, her love for travel only grew.

Lindsay continued tour-managing bands and then switched to working as a sponsor representative on various promotional tours. Her work on the road took her to all 48 of the continental United States and, in 2012, she took separate vacations to Alaska and Hawaii to complete her goal of visiting all 50. She also managed to visit eight countries outside of the U.S.

Last year, in 2015, Lindsay continued her journey by creating The Small World Project and visiting 32 countries she had never been to before. Through the inspiring people she met, Lindsay learned even more about the beauty of diversity across cultures, and she shares those experiences online for all to see!

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